Publishers of books and media on traditional wisdom worldwide. Featured authors include Martin Lings, Titus Burckhart, Shems Friedlander as well as the great spiriutal authorities of earlier times

ZamZam Film Distribution

An online source of ground-breaking DVDs exploring the Muslim world and culture. Award-winning DVDs produced in conjunction with, amongst others, Matmedia Productions and the BBC

Independent Documentary Film Production Company. Based in East London, we produce films for both broadcast and non-broadcast in the UK and around the world. (a virtual online library) provides primary research material – hundreds of full length books and articles in addition to the works of al-Ghazali.

Vet is a highly regarded Post-production and Broadcast multimedia facility based in Hoxton, Central London UK. Also a renowned training provider offering regular and tailor-made training in multimedia, production and post-production.

One of the web’s leading resources on traditional Islam, with articles ranging from Islamic Law, Tenets of Faith, Spirituality (Sufism), social issues, September 11th and other relevant issues. This site specialises in anti-Wahhabi/fundamentalist articles.

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